About the Band

A little over four years ago we met at the Rehearsal Factory in Toronto to spend an afternoon jamming and having fun. 4 guys with years on experience who never met, but all knew Stevie T. By the end on the first day it was obvious that there was something there and we decided to start writing new songs.



Shortly after that first day we have a few new songs flushed out and were on our way. Unforetunately Mikey Evans had to move to Alberta to continue to earn a living. Stevie, Damian and Johnny thought that they should carry on for the few months Mikey was to be away. Over a year later he finally returned, but he did work on our first release remotely and soon after he returned we released the first Small World World Band CD and posted it for available download thoughout the online music world.



Since then we have written and recorded our 2nd album which will soon be released on vinyl and download. We were able to build a complete analog recording studio with a 16 track tape machine and all outboard tracking equipment then went to work…



We had completed tracking the songs and then undertook the massive job of moving from the studio in Scarborough to Sweet Daddy Sound in Ajax to mix the record. We purchased a vintage 32 channel mixing console as well as a vintage 2 track master tape machine for the final analog mixes and we were ready to ROCK.



Then the dreaded COVID-19 hit and everything ground to a halt…It ended up being a good thing as there were many issues with patchbay wiring, noise, not to mention grounding problems all of which caused further delays. Read all about the making of ANALOG by clicking here.



And here we are 2022 and we are back at it finishing the mix for the newest record which will go out for manufacturing soon. Watch for updates on the main page